Room 2’s Way

We are a year 1 and 2 class at Panmure Bridge School. Last term we looked at different emotions that we might face.

Our film is based on a book called Aroha’s Way. Room 2 had lots of fun making it. We hope you will enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Room 2’s Way

  1. Morena Room 1,
    You have done a amazing job creating your awsome movie, you have put hard work into this cool movie. The people inside the movie who spoke clearly and confidently!
    Well done Room 1 for the hard work you have put in,
    Great Job Room 1!
    Mia Bella

  2. Kia ora Room 2

    We really enjoyed watching your movie. It teaches us how to deal with our emotions. We learnt that we can take deep breathes inhaling and then exhaling when we feel grumpy or need to calm down. This story reminds us of what we can do and say to someone that is feeling lonely. Thank you for sharing this movie with us.

  3. Malo e Lelei Room 2,
    Malo E ngaue! I really enjoyed watching your movie and how it sends a good message. I learnt that we can take deep breathes when feeling mad and need to calm down. When calming down things will be easier for you.

  4. Mingalaba Room 2,
    This film was very well created as it teaches us about emotions and how to handle them by taking in deep breaths when we feel irritated, upset, or stressed, I also like how everyone tried best by speaking confidently.

  5. kia ora i really enjoyed the part that when the girl came to the other girl that was sad and the kind girl ask if you want to play with me she said sure and they palyed together.

  6. Kia Ora Room 2,
    We really enjoyed watching your movie because it taught us how to stay relaxed. It reminded us of when the team from ‘I am Hope’ came in and taught us about dealing with our emotions. Did you enjoy making your movie?
    From Room 9 at Glen Taylor School.

  7. kia ora room 2 in room 5 in panmure bridge school we liked your guys moves .my
    favourite parts was the girl askif you want to play with me she said sure and they played together.

  8. kia ora Room 2,
    I enjoyed watching your movie beacuse it taught me how to stay calm and relaxed.
    I enjoyed the part when someone was sad and her friend asked if she wanted to play with her.

  9. Kia ora room 2
    I loved your movie . It inspired me to calm down when I am mad or sad.
    Keep making great movies like this.

  10. Hi I’m Aliyah from Otahuhu Primary school.
    I really like the topic you chose. where did you get your inspiration.

  11. This video is very intelligent and creative and i also like how they do there video and also how they all work together to make this clip and also how they edit there video .
    i really like your work

    By Katrina from Kedgley intermediate

  12. Hi there Room 2. This is Room 4 from Glen Innes School. We watched your movie as a class and thought it was really nice.

    We liked how your used reading because it grows your brain. We also liked how you were helping your friends and playing with them.

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