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Elmer The Patchwork Elephant

This week we have been looking at celebrating differences inside the classroom and how each person is unique and special in their own way.

Today we enjoyed listening to the storybook Elmer The Patchwork Elephant. After we finished reading the story we  created and decorated our own Elmer. We enjoyed painting and had fun mixing different colours together to create new ones. Below are some of our Elmer’s we have created so far.

Room 2 Camp Day

Today had our camp day. We had lots of fun creating our own tents outside. Before we went outside we looked at different pictures and videos about tents and how to build one. We learnt the importance of teamwork and worked together to create our forts and tents. After we finished making our tents we enjoyed eating our yummy ice blocks inside our tents.

Making Stories With Explain Everything

Today in Cybersmart we had a go at making our own stories using explain everything. It was really fun to use the clip art to make up the background, and characters for our stories.

Next time we think we would like to create our own drawings instead of using Clip Art.

Check out Dillon’s

Check out Raytheon’s

We’ve been inspired by Kacy and Angela at New Windsor School

Today in Cybersmart Mr Goodwin showed us a really cool video by Kacy and Angela from the Ako Hiko Film Festival.

See their video here

We think that we can have a go at creating something similar in our class using Explain Everything on our iPads.

We have started this week by creating a background, and hope to add to our projects soon.

Keep an eye on this space 🙂

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